Our Impact

The impact of HIV AIDS on the poor is great. Medicines are now available, but many people still either can’t get access to the medicines or afford the diet and lifestyle needed to make the medicines effective.


Paul Sambwa was one of our sponsored Grade 12 pupils at Secondary School. He has now started studying for a Degree in Biomedical Science at university.

Despite the hard struggles Paul has had to face in his life, he has done exceptionally well, our star pupil!!


Binwell started coming to our school when he was 7 years old. He worked hard, moving onto secondary education at Government school, sponsored by Hands of Compassion. Binwell gained GCE pass certificates in 6 subjects, and started as a Teaching assistant at Hands of Compassion school, helping in Grade One class. He loved the work and eventually taught a class on his own.  He is now studying to gain a Diploma in Teaching.

Binwell is a wonderful example of how Hands of Compassion has transformed a child’s life.

Abraham’s family

Within the local community, there are so many problems for our pupils to face. Brenda, Abraham and their five children live in a tiny 2 roomed mud brick house, which has very little ventilation. There is only one chair in the living room, otherwise they sit on the dirt floor. The children’s clothes are torn and they have very little food, literally surviving from day to day. Faby and Kieran

Abraham has been totally blind since the age of 3 yrs when he had small pox. He relies on members of his family to guide him everywhere.

Kieran is now in Grade 8 at Government school. Having learnt English at school, she and her two sisters, Patience and Faby will be an “investment” to the family, as both parents have never attended school.

Joseph has since started in our Nursery/Reception Class.